About DFS
What We Do

DFS Green Consulting Services assist our clients in selecting sustainable flooring products, we provide guidance on LEED and Green Building Principles related to commercial flooring, and we implement and administer low-impact environmental policies. These services leverage the expertise of our LEED Accredited Professionals and are all fully integrated with our Fulfillment Services to provide our clients with a seamless, integrated flooring solution for their unique facilities.

DFS Green Fulfillment Services feature our trained and certified flooring installation and maintenance staffs. We utilize sustainable products, chemistries, and practices in each component of the flooring life-cycle to improve the environmental performance of a building and help our clients achieve LEED certification points. Additionally, our Fulfillment Services are customized to comply with each flooring product manufacturer’s warranty specifications.

These combined services begin with an interior assessment of our client’s facility objectives and end with the industry’s leading product reclamation program. Throughout this process, we strive to deliver exceptional value to each of our clients through a commitment in unparalleled customer service. Our objective is to enable our clients to focus on their core business, while we efficiently manage their facility flooring in a cost-effective manner.