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Preserve the Value and Appearance of your Office Furniture

DFS offer a unique, proprietary product that protects and preserves textiles in office environments.

FiberGuard™ is a Green product containing zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). FiberGuard extends the life-expectancy of fabrics, and maintains the appearance of all your textile business interiors, from workstations to chairs, to wall fabrics and beyond.

  • IAQ – fabric barrier repels soil, bacteria, and other allergens from attaching to the textile fibers
  • 100% compliant with manufacturers’ warranty and maintenance specifications
  • Repels waterborne, oil-based, and soil mediums and residues
  • Complete soil and stain protection
  • Protect the beauty of your textiles
  • Not a mere topical or surface coating, but a nano-technology that chemically bonds with the fibers and builds a permanent barrier
  • No adverse effect on color or texture of treated fabrics
  • Safe and easy to use