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What is Professional Carpet Maintenance?
An effective carpet maintenance program will analyze and identify flooring traffic patterns and problem areas, and proactively utilize a chemistry and system to retain flooring at an optimal appearance level. Failure to invest in a proactive carpet maintenance program will lead to premature carpet replacement and potentially detrimental air quality.
Carpet maintenance is distinct from carpet cleaning which is the service performed by janitorial companies to remove apparent soil. Janitorial carpet cleaning typically involves dry vacuuming and bonnet-cleaning to remove dry soils only, while failing to remove the largest contributor of poor carpet appearance - oily soils. Moreover, janitorial cleaning fails to comply with the maintenance specifications of virtually every carpet manufacturer and in most cases will void the manufacturers' warranties.
Proactive vs. Reactive Carpet Maintenance
Proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance removes soil before it can accumulate and damage carpet fibers. This process will extend the life of the carpet, reducing the costs of restoration, replacement, and disposal. Reactive maintenance cannot fully restore a carpet to a like-new appearance. This results in shorter carpet life and higher amortized carpet life-cycle costs.
What are the benefits of Professional Carpet Maintenance?
Commercial flooring is a substantial investment for any business and well-worth protecting throughout its life-cycle. Keeping carpet looking and performing its best every day can be accomplished easily and economically with a well-planned maintenance program
Most carpet "uglies out" before it wears out, and that's a direct result of poor or inadequate maintenance. In fact, studies indicate that over 70% of the decisions to replace commercial carpeting are triggered by a decline in appearance, years before the fiber warranty expires. An effective carpet maintenance program will:
  • Protect Your Investment. The initial cost for floor covering materials and installation costs does not fully encompass your total floor covering investment. The life cycle cost also factors in life expectancy of the carpet, costs for removal/disposal, lost revenues during renovations and maintenance costs over the life of the carpet. Effective maintenance helps protect your total flooring investment.
  • Enhance Enterprise Image and Performance.
  • Preserve the Environment. The overall environmental footprint of carpet is reduced by increasing the amount of time a carpet remains on the floor. A consistent, proactive maintenance program can significantly improve the appearance retention throughout the life of the carpet. Less carpet waste going to landfills should be a goal for every facility manager.
What is Green Cleaning?
Why Choose DFS Green Maintenance?
We develop maintenance programs which incorporate the standards and guidelines prescribed by the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Existing Buildings program (LEED-EB). These programs are each customized for the specific facility needs and goals of our clients.
DuPont initially formed DFS to extend its 60+ years of experience and leadership in flooring products and services. DuPont invented nylon in 1938, and has been a pioneer in the advancement of carpet fiber technology. This legacy in the commercial flooring industry has enabled us to work closely with most major flooring product manufacturers on their warranty and maintenance specifications, and as a result we offer unqualified guarantees of compliance with each manufacturer’s specific care guidelines.