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We proudly feature both our exclusive, patented cleaning system – ResisTech™, and also a wide selection of Green Seal products.

ResisTech™ Chemistry.
The ResisTech™ carpet maintenance system was developed by DuPont to provide superior cleaning and reduce carpet re-soiling.
How does ResisTech™ Maintenance technology work?
DFS Maintenance Services offers an exclusive, patented cleaning system that keeps carpet looking significantly cleaner. The ResisTech™ carpet maintenance system was developed by DuPont to provide superior cleaning and reduce carpet soiling.
Carpet soil is made up of two components: dry soils and oily soils that can destroy carpet fibers. Fortunately, most dry soils found in a typical commercial environment can be removed by regular vacuuming. Oily soils, including resins, gums, greases and fats, are the binders that attract and hold other types of dirt to the carpet. This results in a dingy gray or brown appearance. Oily soil is the largest contributor to poor carpet appearance and, because it adheres to carpet fibers, cannot be easily removed with conventional (janitorial) cleaning systems.
ResisTech™ chemistry helps carpet stay cleaner. The first step in effectively cleaning commercial carpet is to neutralize oily soils. Dupont ResisTech™ chemistry accomplishes this by surrounding each soil particle so that it can't attract other soil and can be easily removed by dry vacuuming. Next, ResisTech™ chemistry reduces the surface energy of the carpet. Similar to the way Teflon coating works on a frying pan, ResisTech™ chemistry provides a "difficult-to-stick" surface that reduces the chance of the carpet re-soiling. As a result, ResisTech™ chemistry helps carpet stay cleaner after vacuuming and actually improves its appearance over time. For optimum appearance of the flooring, Dupont ResisTech™ carpet maintenance chemistry should be applied as part of a proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance program by trained DFS professionals.
Green Seal Chemistries.
greensealWe are dedicated to using Green Seal approved products where applicable as it ensures that the products are in fact designed, tested and "certified" by an independent third-party to reduce impacts on health, safety and the environment.Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.
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